Travel Alert: COVID-19 Update



Dear Guests,


As it has always been, the safety and security of our guests and staff remain our highest priority. We have been closely monitoring the updates from the Greek Ministry of Health, and the Greek Ministry of Tourism, as well as the Greek Government’s guidelines regarding the protection from COVID-19.

On a daily basis, our management and staff are working hard to ensure that Melrose Hotel meets the latest guidelines on hygiene and cleaning. We follow all the rules and we are in compliance with the official hygiene & safety protocols issued by the Greek Authorities. 

Please take a few minutes and read the below measures and instructions:


1. “Health First” certificate

Melrose Hotel is certified & follows the Government’s guidelines. Safety protocols are in place.


2. Cleaning Protocols & Products / Housekeeping

Guest Rooms

  • Use of disinfecting products and health protocols to clean rooms, with a particular focus on frequently touched surfaces. All rooms and air condition units are cleaned and disinfected prior to any new guest arrival.

  • Decorative fabrics, hotel folders and similar items have been removed from our rooms.

  • Room cleaning service and the change of towels is scheduled daily and the change of linen every two (2) days, during the guests’ absence only, according to safety protocols. We advise our guests to inform our Reception in case they wish their room to be cleaned on a different frequency.

  • Our textiles and towels are washed over 70oC and treated according to safety protocols.

  • Visitors are not allowed in guests rooms.


Public Areas

  • Hand Sanitizer dispensers are placed in all common areas.

  • Redesign of common areas, furniture has been moved or re-arranged, in line with new legislation, to allow space for social distancing.

  • Signage is used in the lobby & all public areas to remind our guests to maintain the appropriate social distancing rules within our premises.

  • All public areas and WCs are cleaned and disinfected regularly during the day.

  • Guests are encouraged to avoid the use of the elevators and of public WCs.


3. Check-in & Check-out Policy

  • Our Reception staff have been trained on providing guests with all the necessary information and guidance upon arrival.

  • Desk partition screen has been placed as an extra precautionary measure.

  • According to the new regulations, check-in time is altered to 15:00 pm and check-out to 11:00 am, so that each room is properly cleaned, disinfected and aired.

  • Room Key-cards are sanitized, before handed to our guests.

  • We encourage all our guests to use our contactless WEB Check-in services.

  • Contactless payment options are encouraged & available.


4. Food & Beverage

  • We follow the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) principles in every step.

  • Our staff is properly trained and follows all safety protocols in the food delivery process.

  • Hands sanitizer dispensers are placed at the entrance to the Bar & Restaurant.

  • Tables’ set-up and sitting plan of our restaurant, is arranged according to the recent health and safety guidelines.

  • Furniture and equipment are cleaned and sanitized after each use.

  • Menu cards have been removed, kindly scan the QR Code found on each table to access our menu.


5. Swimming Pools

  • PH and chlorine levels are regularly monitored in order to guarantee 24/7 pool sanitization.

  • Sun loungers as well as the rest of the pool equipment, is thoroughly cleaned every morning. After each use, the sun loungers are disinfected.

  • Sun loungers are arranged at 1,5m distance in between, around the pool.

  • Spreading a towel over the sun loungers is mandatory. We provide fresh towels washed at the appropriate temperature.

  • Swimming – Limited number of guests (1 person per 2.5sqm), according to the new legislations, are allowed to swim at the same time.

  • The In-door Swimming pool is operating for limited number of persons. The availability has to be checked with our Reception Desk.


6. Fitness Center - Spa – Sauna

  • Fitness center will be available only with reservation, for a maximum of two persons (of the same room) at the same time.

  • After each use the Fitness Center will be well aired, cleaned and disinfected.

  • Spa Services and Sauna are available within the property with an extra charge and can be arranged by our Reception Desk.


7. Health & Safety protocols for our staff

  • A strict action plan has been implemented, to prevent the spread and effectively handle of any suspicious case among our guests, employees and associates.

  • A hotel coordinator has been appointed to supervise the plan in each department.


  • Our staff is trained and certified in COVID-19 protection and prevention, on the appropriate use of Personal Protective Equipment, and implementation of emergency action plans.
  • Our staff is required to undergo daily temperature and COVID-19 symptoms check.
  • All hotel employees are provided with all the necessary PPEs.
  • All suppliers accessing the hotel will follow the required safety measures.

8. Collaboration with a Doctor

Melrose Hotel collaborates with a Doctor responsible for any possible case of our in-house guests 24/7. The Doctor acts on the instructions of ΕΟΔΥ (National Organization for Public Health) for the control of COVID-19 and is trained in taking nasopharyngeal samples for molecular testing from a suspected case. Meanwhile, using telemedicine, the Doctor can monitor the suspected case and their close contacts.


9. Transfer Services

All the transfers arranged through our concierge will comply with the health and safety regulations.

  • Maximum number of guests depending on the vehicle type.

  • Appropriate cleaning procedure of the vehicle before and after the service.


10. Record of staff members and guests

For the purpose of public health protection, we keep a record of staff members and all guests staying at the hotel including their name-surname, nationality, date of arrival and departure, contact details (address, telephone, e-mail), to enable tracing of any close contacts of COVID-19 confirmed cases, which may be subsequently identified. The hotel reception also records and updates an event COVID-19 logbook.

All guests and staff are informed that these records are kept for the protection of public health, in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and National Law 4624/2019.

Important note:

  • It is your responsibility to report to our staff any symptoms you might have, even if they are minor.

  • It is your responsibility to report to us if you think that you have been in contact with a possibly infected person.


All the above measures are valid until further notice and may be updated following the instructions issued by the Greek Government. For more information about the COVID-19 Health & Safety protocols that have been applied to Hotels, according to the instructions of National Health Organization (ΕΟΔΥ), please check Health First - Protocols for Covid-19

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The Hotel Management Team

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